DSM, DTM and derived products

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What is the visual impact of a wind turbine? What are the risks of floods when a dam breaks? How do electromagnetic or audio signals propagate? ...: Replying to these questions requires information about terrain and objects heights. As described in “Our Expertise/DSM-DTM”, EUROSENSE provides accurate and detailed elevation models using either laser altimetry or photogrammetry.

Height information is delivered in various formats: point clouds, TINs, grids,... . Depending on your purpose, elevation data contain only ground surface (e.g. for normal orthophotoproduction - DTM), object surface including specifically the buildings (e.g. for production of Nadir Orthos) or object surface including all objects (DSM).

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Height data provide also essential information in other applications such as localisation of insulators on powerlines or obstacles above pipeline trajectories. EUROSENSE identifies specific objects applying a filtering and classification method on point clouds. Terrain profiles provide additional information on a specific line trajectory. Read more in "Utilities and Infrastructure”.

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