Oblique imagery

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EUROSENSE is mostly active in the acquisition and treatment of vertical imagery. However, we have also the possibility to acquire and provide aerial imagery taken from a certain angle or so-called oblique imagery. Oblique imagery is useful because it resembles closely to real vision which is not vertical. This product is also particularly aesthetic to be used in commercial and promotional leaflets, as a sign board at the reception of your company or as a commercial gift. Taken on a regular basis, these images can help you to monitor changes in your activities.

For certain applications, oblique imagery can have an added value. For example when it is required to retrieve information of facades of certain buildings. This can be the case for detailed texturing of 3D city models.

EUROSENSE offers oblique imagery acquired from an helicopter with a commercial camera. We also propose a dual set-up of midscale format cameras installed in one of our airplanes (see also: Airborne/Sensors). The latter system can provide, simultaneously with vertical imagery, oblique imagery in two directions, forward/backward in the flight direction or orthogonal on the flight direction.