Click to enlarge - Basiliek, Koekelberg (Belgium)

An image of the real environment on its correct location on the globe is still one of the most widely used and requested data sources.An orthoimage is an image geometrically corrected according to the terrain and located with the correct geographic coordinates- No matter if the image has been taken by an airborne or a spaceborne sensor, EUROSENSE produces orthoimagery with accuracies up to centimetre level.

EUROSENSE delivers the whole geo-processing chain from raw image to accurate orthophoto. With a long term experience in analogue imagery, EUROSENSE has developed in the last 15 years a deep knowledge in digital imagery using state-of-the-art software. More information on our expertise in orthophoto production can be found here.

Click to enlarge -  Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands)

Click to enlarge - Ridderster, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Orthophotos have the advantage of combining the accuracy of a map and the visual representation of reality. Based on the type of objects you need to visualize or detect, EUROSENSE proposes an adequate and a cost-efficient solution in terms of data source (spaceborne or airborne), acquisition time and resolution. With resolution, we mean the detail which can be seen on the image and is nowadays mostly expressed in centimetres.

Throughout the years, EUROSENSE has produced large orthophoto coverages in several European countries. Some of these datasets are owned by EUROSENSE and can still be purchased. Via the following link, you can find an overview of all off-the-shelf data available at EUROSENSE. More information on the availability of local datasets can be found on the pages of our local offices.

Click to enlarge - (Romania)

Some examples of orthophotos made by EUROSENSE: click here!