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Thermography is measuring above-ground heat radiation or temperature. Relative or absolute ground temperatures are acquired using a thermal camera in one of the EUROSENSE airplanes. EUROSENSE creates homogenous thermographic maps and relative products out of the thermal imagery (see also: Airborne/Sensors).

Thermal imagery and the derived thermographic maps show heat radiation of the objects on the earth’s surface. Interpretation of the values which are detected and visualized in the imagery is much more important in the case of thermal imagery than for normal colour imagery (RGB). EUROSENSE therefore spends a lot of attention to a correct interpretation of the detected values and will always provide the customer, together with the results of a thermographic campaign, sufficient support and training.

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Thermographic maps are used for several applications: detection of heat losses through roofs and subsequent interpretation in the frame of roof insulation quality (more info: click here), analysis of district heating systems (more info: click here), monitoring of warm water distribution (more info: click here), control of waste deposits and slag heaps, monitoring of water percolation through dike bodies, and so on. Let us know if you have an application where you should measure temperature differences on larger surfaces .