Human interactions with the environment leave traces that can be measured by observing them from space. In the last hundred years, human impact on its environment has grown tremendously. Earth observation data help to spatially represent land use changes brought by human activities. EUROSENSE delivers a wide spectrum of land mapping applications. Our products or services can help for the development of a sustainable urban and regional land management.

City / Hotspot Mapping

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Urban and environmental decision makers have to manage the complex and dynamic interactions between the citizens and their environment. They require up-to-date information to support their decision. Read more

Regional Mapping

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Good land management aims to find the right balance between economic, social and environmental factors, leading to a sustainable urban & regional land use. To achieve this, regional decision makers need land use / land cover information. Read more

Urban Green Monitoring

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Because of the positive relation between quality of life and urban green, public and private decision makers want and need better geo-information about the quantity and quality of urban green available in their city. Read more

Indicators & Statistics

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Statistics and indicators can increase general understanding about land use trends. They help to predict future trends and plan land management. Figures illustrate actions taken by human beings and impact on the environment. Read more