Indicators & Statistics

Click to enlarge - Pie chart with Land Use distribution

Land use / land cover (LU/LC) is driven by the interplay of economic, social and environmental factors. Good land management aims to find the right balance of these, often competing, factors, leading to a sustainable urban & regional land use. To achieve this, cities and regions need LU/LC information. This information must not only cover the current state of the land, it should also assess the evolution over the last years and predict future trends.

Statistics and indicators can give a clear view upon trends and can be used to predict future trends. They are easy to interpret, also for non earth observation specialists. Indicators can relate to actions taken by human beings, for example, land take trends and LU/LC distribution and changes. On the other hand, indicators are measurements of the condition of the environment, for example the fragmentation of ecosystems.

Click to enlarge - Land Use Changes

Click to enlarge - Population Distribution, Andenne (Belgium)

To better understand the globally and locally increasing pressure on an already stressed environment and available land, population figures are fundamental to make the right decisions. In our model, population figures are geo-referenced and calculated per pre-defined grid cell, based on indicators like the location of villages, land use practices, height information, etc. Read more