Regional Mapping

Click to enlarge - Regional Land Cover Map, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Sustainable urban & regional land use requires finding the right balance between economic, social and environmental factors. Land use / land cover (LU/LC) information helps the regional decision maker to achieve good management plans.
For many years, EUROSENSE developed services to deliver such maps in various applications.

The “Regional Land Cover Map” provides an overview of the soil occupation on a regional view. Because wide areas need to be covered, regional maps are mostly created based on satellite images with a lower resolution (5-500m resolution). This results in a dataset with an applicable scale of 1:50.000 – 1:500.000. Regional land cover maps provide essential information to the Ministry of Environment and agencies involved in water quality management. The thematic content (land cover classes) can be adapted to the specific user needs. The maps can be based on recent imagery as well as on historical image data.

Telecom providers have a high interest in Land Cover Clutter Maps in order to optimize networks and to define the placement of new radio masts. Each class has its own characteristics in relation to propagation of radio waves. EUROSENSE has a wide experience in the creation of these regional maps, either raster or polygon data can be created. This kind of data appears to be useful for a lot of other applications too e.g. flood risk estimations, environmental impact studies, etc. Read more about telecom planning

Click to enlarge - Land Cover Clutter Map