Risk & Security

In the last decades we have been more and more confronted with natural and man-made disasters. Geo-information can support lives and assets prevention before, during and after these crises. EUROSENSE’s Risk and Security services provide tools that can help you to better monitor sensitive areas or infrastructures, to simulate scenario of crises, to locate unsafe populations or to assess potential damages.

 Monitoring Elements at Risk

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Elements at Risk are infrastructures that are located in unsafe areas as well as critical infrastructures (e.g. power plants). The service offers a rapid way for inventorying new or updating old data, even for large areas and multiple times a year. Read more

 Flood Simulation

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According to the requirements of the EU flood directive, the flood risk service of EUROSENSE provides maps, simulations and geo-information such as water depth and flow velocity to the responsible authorities. Read more

 Damage Assessment

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EUROSENSE’s “Flood Damage Assessment” supports planning and prevention measures in geo-localising the risks. Flood Risk Maps precisely identify and localise both the potential damage and the affected people. Read more

 Past Flood Mapping

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Geo-referencing and combining various earth observation data (archives of optical or radar images), EUROSENSE's past flood service helps to learn from past similar events; what we can call the risk memory. Read more

Population Distribution Mapping

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The density and location of populated areas are vital information for risk and security issues. This service provides high resolution population maps which can be easily integrated in a GIS environment and used for risk and security analysis. Read more

 Cross-Border Mapping

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Earth observation technology is the ideal tool to create a harmonized dataset covering both sides of the border. EUROSENSE’s “Cross-Border Mapping” service offers a range of products from regional land cover maps to detailed change detection. Read more