Cross-Border Mapping

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Good geo-information is fundamental for prosperous border activities. Up-to-date maps are the foundation of every reliable GIS or geo-spatial service. Nonetheless, many border areas do not have such a dataset because of various reasons (e.g. old maps, not harmonized, not precisely geo-referenced or missing data on one or both sides of the border). Earth Observation technology is the ideal tool to collect simultaneously data on extensive areas such as both sides of the border.

Our “Cross-Border Mapping” service aims to harmonize and monitor spatial information in cross-border areas. The regional and local land cover/land use products support policy coordination on both sides of the border. The regular monitoring service helps to improve the awareness of responsible authorities in identifying permanent and temporal changes in border areas.

For national or regional users, EUROSENSE offers medium scaled cross-border land cover maps based on geo-corrected high resolution images with a resolution between 5m and 30m. A typical area of interest for this type of product is a buffered zone of 20km on both sides of the border. For local users in selected areas, we derive detailed cross-border land user/land cover maps from high resolution imagery (50cm - 5m). Resulting vector maps can be integrated in your geo-database or used to update your existing cartographic dataset.

Click to enlarge - Cross-Border Map, Poland-Ukraine

Click to enlarge - Cross-Border Map, radar based

If you are looking for a more regular monitoring of the border area, EUROSENSE can offer you a product that detects land cover changes (e.g. new buildings/camps, cleared forest, new roads,…) on a short time frame (up to 11 days). We make use of the newest generation of radar satellites (SAR) that are independent from weather conditions, can operate day and night and provide imagery at high resolution (50cm – 30m).