Damage Assessment - Flood Risk Maps

Click to enlarge - Assests Map, Bacau (Romania)

EUROSENSE’s “Flood Damage Assessment” service meets the requirements of the EU Flood Directive in providing Flood Risk Maps representing potential damage and affected people. These extensive geographical representations of Flood Risks are useful tools in decision making and setting up prevention measures in risk management.

Flood Damage Assessment can be based on “Flood Hazard Maps” but also on ”Past Flood Maps”, respectively resulting in a “potential damage assessment map” or a “past damage assessment map”. The calculation of these “Flood Risk Maps” is modelled using - among others - damage functions, land use information and ancillary data (e.g. socio-economic statistics). Damage functions express the relation between the susceptibility of assets at risk and certain characteristics, e.g. the inundation depth.

Click to enlarge - Flood Risk Map, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Click to enlarge - user meeting

The potential risk can be expressed in several ways: either quantitative (e.g. economical damage and affected people), or qualitative by analysis of the impact (e.g. on the environment). This product allows the customers to analyze the consequences of possible scenarios (dam failure, extreme events…) and to take the appropriate measures as well in crisis situations as for prevention.