Past Flood Mapping

Click to enlarge - Past Flood Map Siret river, Romania

Past flood event mapping allows a “look to the past” by providing essential information on historical flood extents. This information is mandatory in flood risk preparedness and planning of protection measures (e.g. construction of dams and infrastructures). Georeferencing and combining various archives of earth observation data, this past flood service helps to learn from past similar events; what we call the risk memory. This service supports damage assessment and environmental or land planning.

Past Flood Maps are not generated in real time, but from archive data. Based on satellite observation data this product identifies the flood extent of former events at the time of the image acquisition. As well optical (e.g. SPOT, IRS, Ikonos…) as radar (e.g. Envisat, Terrasar-X…) earth observation data can be integrated into the past flood extent detection procedure. By using a semi-automatic classification method, flooded areas are segmented, detected and classified.

Click to enlarge - Past Flood Map

Click to enlarge - Past Flood Map Siret river, Romania

Thanks to our “past flood map” service, we can derive information on the flood duration per area and the maximum flood extent. By combining several past flood maps of different events in the same area, we precisely map and measure the maximum historical flood extent and the flooding frequency per area.

The service can be extended to future flood events. Satellites can be tasked as soon as a flood happens. EUROSENSE’s service will then provide a quick and precise detection of all flooded areas. A major benefit of the use of earth observation data is the trans-border basin approach of flood events, as big rivers like the Danube and the Maritsa can affect several surrounding countries. These Past Flood Maps fulfil the requirement of the EU Flood Directive to describe the floods which have occurred in the past.

Click to enlarge - Past Flood Map Slovenia