Infrastructure Monitoring

The utility sector manages infrastructures covering large areas. Complete and detailed geographical information on these infrastructures are essential for the general management, but are crucial in case of problems or incidents. No matter which type of infrastructure needs to be monitored (railroad, pipeline, powerline, highways,...), EUROSENSE is able to provide accurate geo information according to your specific requirements and needs.

Click to enlarge - Vector Map Railroad

Railroad – Detailed information on the exact location of the railroad network, crossings, neighbouring infrastructures and vegetation can be derived from photogrammetric plotting or high point density laserscanning. Next to accurate orthophotos and digital terrain models of the railroad trajectory, EUROSENSE provides the railroad manager with detailed maps in 2D or 3D.

Pipelines – Above ground or underground networks: in both cases, the pipeline manager requires accurate height information as well as the location of obstacles in the neighbourhood of the network. From high point density laserscanning and/or digital imagery acquisition, terrain profiles and obstacle analyses are derived which help the pipeline manager to detect problem areas or zone subject to changes.

Click to enlarge - Pipeline Topography

Click to enlarge - Powerlines LIDAR

Powerlines – High or low tension powerlines are found almost everywhere, and very often close to housing or vegetation. A neighbourhood analysis provides information on the proximity of objects near the powerline network and thus also on the potential risks. It is created in the form of detailed object maps and orthoimagery. EUROSENSE identifies all elements of the powerline infrastructures providing operators with all the crucial geo information they need for the management of the network.

For highways and roads, EUROSENSE applies a similar methodology to provide accurate and detailed maps. Check also our pages on 2D and 3D Mapping for more information.