Telecom Planning

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The telecom market is a dynamic and fast evolving one. To maintain or improve their position, telecom companies have to optimize their wireless network and reduce their costs. The placement of cell towers is based on simulations using land use/land cover data. This data contains characteristics of the underlying terrain and ground cover which helps telecom companies to predict signal loss. EUROSENSE can support telecom companies by the provision of these maps.

EUROSENSE has a wide experience in the creation of land use/land cover maps, either raster or polygon data can be created.
An example of a raster map is presented in the next figure. The map is derived from recent satellite imagery and contains 16 different classes. Each class can be given its own corresponding roughness factor / height. Legend and parameters can be easily adapted towards the user’s needs.

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On the other hand, polygon datasets can also be used to produce radio propagation models. For the Netherlands EUROSENSE created a countrywide database consisting of polygon data of buildings, industry, vegetation, water and greenhouses. Each of these classes has its own characteristics in relation to propagation of radio waves. With this data, telecom companies calculate the quality of a signal at a specific point. These results can be used to optimize networks and to define the placement of new radio masts.

The land use/land cover dataset, produced for telecom companies, is a basic dataset for various other applications such as flood risk estimations, environmental impact studies, calculation of green- and building areas in cities and visualization of new building projects in urban areas.