Water Management

With 70% of the globe covered by water areas, water plays an important role in spatial issues. Currents affect the surrounding terrain and underwater surface level. On the other hand, man can have a large impact on water areas. EUROSENSE’s activities can support to a very large extent all spatial issues with respect to water management.

Monitoring Coastal and River zones

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Water and wind have a strong impact on coastal areas and dike bodies. The monitoring of changes in the terrain is done by EUROSENSE by means of bathymetry, laserscanning, photogrammetry, thermography and field measurements, or a combination thereof. Read more

Monitoring Hot Water Distribution

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Industry needs cooling water in its processes and is often not able to re-use the heated water afterwards. Dumping of hot water needs to be done according to the local legislation, e.g. with respect to temperatures. EUROSENSE monitors the hot water distribution and its temperature by means of aerial thermography. Read more