Monitoring Hot Water Distribution

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Water quality is becoming more and more an important issue within the domains of public health and environment. A broad list of parameters characterizes the water quality, but the concentration of polluents, the degree of eutrophication and the water temperature are probably the most important parameters in terms of human and animal life.

A high amount of factories, power plants and other industrial buildings are located closely to harbors, canals or rivers because the water is needed for cooling processes. Afterwards the warm water is drained off back into the waterway. The presence of this warm water in an environment which has a lower temperature in normal circumstances has a large effect on the life of both plants and animals.

It is therefore important to have a better view on the distribution of warm water after draining. With its thermal imagery, EUROSENSE can offer a solution for this problem. The interpretation of thermal imagery acquired by EUROSENSE allows the customer to monitor the warm water distribution and offers a basis for an action plan.

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