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Hungary, 2018

Eurosense is one of the leading aerial surveying, remote sensing and geo-data companies in Europe, with headquarters in Belgium. The group was created in 1964 and has offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. Specialties of Eurosense include: high resolution photogrammetric imagery (up to 2 cm GSD), true orthophotos, aerial LiDAR, 3D-modeling, aerial thermography, change detection, trees inventory and health analysis, GIS-consultancy, and other geo-related queries. Customers are both public (government) and private (such as architecture, construction, engineering, telecommunication, utility and solar industries).

About us

Eurosense offers high quality geographical information, derived from two remote sensing sources, being spaceborne and airborne. All data is processed and interpreted by Eurosense in order to meet high standards for quality, precision and reliability. Eurosense is constantly developing knowledge to respond quickly to new technologies on the market.

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   The Hague (The Netherlands), 2020

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