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Ostend (Belgium), 2020


We provide geospatial data

Eurosense acquires, processes and derives various products from airborne data. Yet, our products are not limited to the use of airborne data only. We incorporate data from various sources – from historical maps over geo-databases to satellite imagery . Our top-most goal is to deliver to our customers products at a highest resolution and accuracy. Please find below products we offer and do not hesitate to approach us for more information.

Aerial imagery

Aerial imagery is the starting point for many geo-data products and vital for spatially explicit and accurate decision making. We are in possession of various RGB-NIR cameras from which we create high-resolution geo-data products. These vary from creating colored point clouds and distance estimations (used for land cover mapping or obstacle mapping) to true orthophotos with a resolution of 2 cm. True orthophotos have the feature of representing buildings without leaning and geometric integrity. The use of true orthophotos deliver more precise results in the subsequent data processing, such as for the extraction of building footprints, the identification of green roofs or vertical integration of the data to existing databases.
  Liège (Belgium), 2020
  Budapest (Hungary), 2021

LiDAR measurements

Thanks to cutting edge LiDAR scanners, Eurosense’s LiDAR products are extracted from a point cloud with an unrivalled density. High resolution LiDAR data is key for detailed terrain analysis, such as for flood prevention measurements or for calamity maps. Eurosense is one of the main contributors to the production of digital terrain models, such as for the DHM in Flanders and AHN3 (2015-2019) and AHN4 (2020 – ongoing) in the Netherlands.

Tree health assessments

Trees provide us with oxygen, sequestrate CO 2 , take up air pollutants, offer habitat for animals, alleviate the effects of urban heat islands and thus, are crucial for our health and the environment. Yet, especially in urban areas, trees are continuously exposed to pollution, soil compaction, exhaust gases and physical damages. If not managed accordingly, damaged trees can cause serious accidents, damaging people and property. For over 20 years, Eurosense is assessing the tree health status of public entities by combining aerial imagery with ground surveys. We deliver geo-databases and reports tailored for the task at hand including the tree health status and an action plan ready-to-use for a sustainable management of trees.
Brussels, 2019  Brussels (Belgium), 2019
Denmark, 2020

Object detection and land cover classification

Eurosense applies different technologies such as LiDAR or stereoscopic image interpretation (or a combination of both) to extract certain objects or feature classes. There’s a long list of user applications related to this field of work, such as detailed terrain analysis, flood prevention measurements, calamity maps, telecommunication planning, infrastructure rollout, urban planning and many more. Our 2D-vector maps or 3D-geodata from remote sensing sources help our clients to reduce costs and human efforts and to extract high accuracy information most valuable for them on a larger scale.


An insufficient rooftop insulation is the source of heat loss and hence a cause of unnecessary energy expenses, especially expendable in times of global warming. In the 1980s and 90s Eurosense did already produce thermographic maps at low spatial resolution to identify urban heat islands in summer. Since mid -2000s high resolution surface temperatures are measured mostly in winter periods for municipalities and city administrations, large industrial sites or energy companies.  Our thermography products have contributed to identify thermal losses and a spotty improvement of roof-top insulation as well as district heating systems, and have also been used in other applications such as hot spot measurements in waste deposits or warm water distributions to rivers or channels.
Namur (Belgium), 2018

3D city models

We see the world in 3D, and hence, for certain decisions it is vital to be on the same page, beyond the orthogonal perspective. Our 3D City Models are an accurate and crisp fusion of the building geometry and texture, so that urban planners, architects and citizens alike can take better decisions.  By combining high-resolution data with powerful algorithms, we produce geometrically accurate 3D models which can be used as a 3D geo-database.

Antwerp (Belgium), 2020

Satellite Imagery

Despite a coarse spatial resolution, data acquired from satellite imagery profit from a frequent revisit time. This is especially useful for observations having a temporal dimension present, as for instance observation of phenology of large forests. Eurosense can provide you with a whole range of different satellite images from all over the world. We have no restrictions regarding satellite data source, its resolution, nor the area of interest. We have extensive experience in the processing of a wide range of optical and radar space imagery or a combination of them. Eurosense is specialized in the production of value added products such as land use maps, flood models, etc.     
Lake Balaton (Hungary), 2020
The Hague (The Netherlands), 2020

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